Classes & Workshops

Think a workshop might be right for you?

Most sessions average 2 hours for ~5-10 people, however, customized sessions available upon request.

Team Vision Boarding

Create individual vision boards to share with your team. See how your personal visions align and support your team vision. 

LinkedIn Workshops

Create a LinkedIn profile that gets engagement. Perfect for sales teams or professional networking groups. 

Meeting Mindfulness

Create a meeting culture grounded in efficiency, effectiveness and fun. Perfect for executive teams, especially Sales, HR and L&D. 

Team Enablement

Create a team enablement strategy to accelerate your productivity. Ideal for teams of 5-10. 

Keynote Speaking

Shift the conversation from problem solving to a creative orientation with a keynote presentation. Ideal for business conferences, women in leadership seminars or sales kickoffs. 

All Classes & Workshops are available via Zoom, offering both live and recorded training. 

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