The thing I love most about my life has been the process of creating it. I have been a museum tour guide, 2nd grade teacher, translator, executive assistant, account manager, program manager, yoga teacher, facilitator and sales enablement strategist. Every new role has been an opportunity to explore a new aspect of myself and gain new skills, which is what makes it so fun!

I found my calling as an enablement strategist which allows me to create programs and assets that help people be more effective on the job.

Everyday, I use my background in language acquisition and instructional design to translate business strategy into systems, processes and programs that help sales professionals get s*#$ done! Pretty cool. Specifically I love…

  • Creating experiences that help people feel their best. 
  • Creating sustainable systems and processes. 
  • Creating momentum towards certainty.


I also use these principles and approaches in my personal life. Whether it’s starting a passion project or planning a trip to Bhutan [you can read more about that here], I am continually refining my personal systems, processes and execution strategy to create momentum toward my goals. And you can too!

I live in Austin, TX and when I’m not working I’m usually tinkering on creative projects, traveling, and drinking coffee (#coffeeb4coffee).


I started CreatingLiz in 2016 as a passion project to collaborate with people outside of my traditional 9-5 role. I wanted a platform where I could explore a mix of personal and professional interests, plus have a whole lotta fun.

Since then, CreatingLiz has evolved far beyond what I could have imagined and I’ve had the opportunity to work with individuals, teams and local organizations to create some pretty rad results. I’m excited to take CreatingLiz to the next level and see what’s possible to create next!